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How did Franco stop Hitler?

N.Y. Times #1 Best Selling authors Jane and Burt Boyar document this stunning fact: Spain, the weakest nation in Europe, defied the mighty Nazi war machine and altered forever the course of modern history. Here is the story -- with all its intrigue and secret liaisons -- of how General Francisco Franco denied to Adolf Hitler the strategy that would have won World War II for the Führer.

a swastika over the white house?

Yes! And over Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower and the world. How come we are not all speaking German today? And pledging allegiance to the Swastika? It almost happened. All historians and world leaders know the story that is now brought to you by the once short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize Boyars in a new genre, the documented historical novel. The hard facts--with documentation--but written to make amazing history enjoyable reading.

one meeting that changed the war

General Franco and Adolf Hitler met only once. It took place on Hitler's private train, lasted only twelve hours, but changed the history of the world. Only six people were present. It is brought to life direct from them.

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