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"Thank God there was a standup guy like General Franco to foil this bastard we know as Hitler."
Jim Raposa, Syndicated Talk Show host.

"The genre is certainly unique: kind of documented historical novel...The real events depicted in this narrative did occur and this one man's actions [General Franco's], though entirely self-serving on behalf of Spain, may well have tipped the balance of World War II in favor of the Allies."
Stanley G. Payne, Hilldale-Jaume Vicens Vives, Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"What a fabulous story! Am ruining my eyes with your book. Awoke at 3:30, picked it up and could not stop. Nothing deters from the rapidity and strength of the story. It is terrific - sensational, and grips the reader thoroughly and convinces. It was such fun for me to go back to that time when I first arrived in Madrid..."
Aline, Countess of Romanones, OSS agent in Spain during WW II. Best Selling author: The Spy Wore Red.

"An amazing, educational book. If history books were written with this much emotion I would have become an historian myself."
Shaun Dougherty, Artist, Westchester, California.

"Good Lord! I'd always heard that Franco was a bad-guy. But in fact, he was a HERO."
Gloria Tilles, avid reader, Belmont, Mass.

"Finally. The truth about my father."
The Duchess of Franco, Madrid, Spain

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