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The following is a what-might-have-been if Hitler had not been stopped by Franco at the Spanish border.


May 8, 2005

Public School 81, New York, N.Y. "Guten Morgen, Kinder," the teacher says, welcoming the children back from two weeks vacation in celebration of Adolf Hitler's birthday, April 20th. Forty-five years earlier The National Holiday had replaced Easter, Christmas and any other celebrations of God or Jesus Christ. Also abolished and long forgotten are the birthdays of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other once-traditional American holidays such as Thanksgiving and The Fourth of July.

The teacher and students extend their right arms in stiff salute to the crimson flag with a black Swastika in its center, and they all sing the national anthem, Deutschland �ber Allus.

This routine start of the day is taking place in every school in every city in the United States of Germany. English, French and Spanish have not been taught in fifty years. Since the Third Reich conquered the world in 1941 the only language spoken is German. And Japanese throughout the Orient. There are still some people who remember English, and speak it behind closed doors, but they are dying out, as are the elderly who dare speak French in what had been France.

Hitler, Goebbels, Goering and Himmler died of old age and were given funerals befitting their leadership of the world. Hitler's tomb is a glass-enclosed shrine atop his favorite mountain in the Bavarian Alps. These leaders and shapers of the New World have been replaced by young, well-schooled Third Reich party-liners. The print press, Hollywood film industry and all radio and television are strictly controlled by the state under the Reichsaussenminister of Culture, Goebbels, a nephew of Hitler's late propaganda chief. There are no synagogues because there are no longer any Jews, an extinct race. In New York's Manhattan, St. Patrick's Cathedral has been renovated into a mansion for the appointed Governor of The Eastern Seaboard. By law, all government officials, including schoolteachers, must be of pure German descent for three generations. Other churches have been turned into office buildings, gymnasiums and meeting halls. Also, mansions for lesser political leaders. There is no organized religion, only "devotion to the state". All Negroes have been "repatriated" to African countries. Only a few hundred Jews remain in the world, all elderly or ancient. There have been no young Jews born since 1948 when all male Jews were sterilized by castration. In Hitlerville (formerly Washington D.C.) the Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial and other American shrines were razed to make room for a massive concentration camp to house the Jews whose lives were spared for humanitarian reasons. Soon they will be extinct. There are no dollars, pounds, francs or pesetas. The world currency is the Reichsmark. It began sixty years ago...


The Swastika flies over the White House, as it flies above Buckingham Palace, The Palace of Elys�e and all world capitals. On the throne of England sit the former Duke and Duchess of Windsor, brought back from Mr. Churchill's "out of harm's way" exile as Governor of the Bahamas, and appointed King and Queen of England by Adolf Hitler.

In Hitlerville Joseph P. Kennedy, the outspoken isolationist, German sympathizer and former American Ambassador to London, is now Hitler's appointed President of The United States.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle, their wrists bound by barbed wire, wearing barbed wire collars around their necks linked together by short chains, and crowns of barbed wire drawn tightly around their heads, blood dripping from their foreheads, are forced to stand in the rear of an open touring car flying Swastikas on its fenders, as they are paraded through New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles as Criminals of War. On their chests are cardboard signs reading: "I Killed American Boys", "I Killed English Boys", "I Killed French Boys". Crowds of silent, helpless Americans watch them. When the vilified war-time leaders of the United States, England and France have been seen throughout the country they will be returned to Hitlerville where they are sentenced to be hanged for "irresponsible villainy and war crimes" on scaffolds erected in front of the former Justice Department. Even if they are dead by then. The nooses will be made of piano wire, Hitler's method of "twisting the knife", reserved for special enemies.

In New York City an unknown American patriot shoots a storm trooper in the leg. Immediately, 100 Americans are arrested at random, dragged into the ice-skating rink at Rockefeller Center and machine gunned to death in reprisal. On NBC radio H.V. Kaltenborn reads: "For every German attacked in any way, 100 Americans will be executed immediately. If this lawlessness continues the quota will rise to 500 Americans executed, or 1000..."

The Third Reich has "nationalized" all media. NBC Radio's David Sarnoff, a Jew, is imprisoned. CBS Radio's William Paley, a Jew, is imprisoned. The New York Times owner and publisher Arthur Hayes Sulzberger, a Jew, is imprisoned. All editorial directors are removed as "unreliable" and imprisoned.

Concentration camps are being hastily prepared in New York State, Illinois, Florida and Southern California for the dangerous Jewish population until a final solution is reached. From the White House President Joseph P. Kennedy speaks to the nation in a manner reminiscent of ex-President "Roosenfeld's" Fireside Chats, using all the facilities of American radio: NBC's Red and Blue Networks, CBS Radio and the Mutual Broadcasting System, reading an address written by Hitler's chief of propaganda Josef Goebbels: "My countrymen," he intones, "and you are my countrymen, stay in your homes, surrender your arms if you have any. Do not be troublemakers. We Americans have nothing to fear from our friends the Germans and particularly from their benevolent, humanitarian leader, the F�hrer who dreams and works only toward peace in the world. He has sent his people here to protect our freedom from the eternally troublemaking subversive elements..."

There will be no World War II.

The map of the world is black.

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