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History and Documents
Hitler Stopped by Franco is based on taped interviews with members of the Franco Family: among them his daughter, Carmen, now the Duchess of Franco, and his wife the late Carmen Polo, La Señora de Meiras, titles conferred after Franco's death by King Juan Carlos. Also Franco's brother-in-law Ramón Serrano Suñer who had served during this period as Minister of the Interior and Foreign Minister (Asuntos Exteriores).Franco fired Serrano because he was too pro-Axis, embittering him for the rest of his life. Serrano, who had various meetings with Hitler, spoke to us on tape for six hours. We also taped interviews with numerous ministers and members of the government, people who were there. Also interviewed was the Duchess of Alba, whose father was Franco's Ambassador to London at the time, and a key figure in his dealings with Churchill.

It is significant that General Franco held supreme power in Spain for thirty-nine years, and that now, twenty-six years since his death, his family continues to live in peace in Spain. Even during the twelve years of a Socialist Government there was never an attack or threat against any member of the late dictator's family. During his lifetime the Canary Islands grew into a multi-billion dollar tourist paradise. Franco could have easily taken 1percent of all investment in order to grant permits and could have created the greatest fortune in Europe. But when he died, his widow inherited only personal effects and a savings account in which he had put his monthly salary. Was this a dictator in the Batista or Peron style, whose families live in splendor but in exile? Hardly-- Franco was a soldier and patriot.

An unimpeachable source of material was the captured "German Documents on Foreign Policy," which the Allies translated and published in around a dozen volumes. These contain every letter and telegram between the Nazi Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop to every German Ambassador in the world, as well as letters to and from Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco.

We have also drawn from reports written by both the British and American Ambassadors to Spain at the time, Sir Samuel Hoare and Professor Carlton J.H. Hayes, both of whom were in the thick of this harrowing moment in history.

Also used were Churchill and Eisenhower's memoirs. An important quote from Churchill reads:

"It is fashionable at the present time to dwell on the vices of General Franco and I am glad therefore to place on record this testimony to the duplicity of his dealings with Hitler... I shall presently record even greater services which... General Franco rendered to the Allied cause."
-- Winston Churchill, writing in The Second World War, Volume II.

Hitler: Stopped by Franco also contains numerous rare photographs of Hitler and Franco, some of which can be seen here.

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