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The following two photographs appear in Hitler Stopped by Franco. The book contains sixteen rare photographic records of Hitler, Franco, and the two men's only meeting.

Photo in rail car
photo credit: Dever/Black Star/ TimePix

In Hitler's "work car" of his private railroad train during their meeting at Hendaye, the French town that borders Spain in the Pyrenees. Hitler cajoled and threatened but unlike all other Chiefs of State and Foreign Ministers whom he had cowed with his fury, General Franco who had ridden into enemy gunfire a hundred times in battle in Morocco, was unperturbed and unmoved. After the meeting Hitler groaned, "Before I would meet again with that man I would have four teeth extracted. Without gas."

photo of Franco and Eisenhower
photo credit: Jaime Pato, Grafica Agencia EFE

Why would American President Eisenhower visit Franco in Madrid and hug him in friendship? Because when Ike was Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe he had first hand proof that Franco and Spain were not friends of Hitler, but of the Allies. This is described in detail in Hitler Stopped By Franco.

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